How to Measure for a Blind

We provide a varied and beautiful selection of discounted designer blinds and poles to add the perfect finishing touches to your home or other interior space. If you’ve found your must-have blinds from one or more of our brilliant designers, but are unsure how to measure your windows for custom blinds, keep reading for easy step by step instructions.

Accurately Measure For Your Designer Blinds

Blinds are a stylish solution to privacy, and an easy way to control the amount of sunlight that enters a room. They’re perfect for lazy mornings and a great way to create a cosy space! All you’ll need to accurately measure for your blinds is a metal tape measure (fabric varieties won’t be accurate enough unfortunately), a pen, some paper, and perhaps another person if the window you’re measuring is especially wide or long.

  1. First of all, decide whether you’d prefer ‘recess’ blinds, or ‘exact’ ones. In other words, do you want your blinds to cover only the window or frame (recess), or would you prefer if they overlapped the window or frame (exact)? If the window is in a deep recess, a ‘recess’ blind would make for a neat finish (hence the name), however an ‘exact’ blind may look better for windows that are without an interior frame. It really all depends on your preference!
  2. If you want ‘exact’ blinds, determine where you would like the blind mount to be (usually 1.5 to 3 inches above the  window).
  3. It’s time to get measuring! Measure the width at the top of your window, in the middle and at the bottom, in cm, mm or inches, making sure that you measure up to or outside of the window (usually about 2-4 inches more) depending on step  1. Be sure that you note these measurements down clearly and accurately.
  4. Now repeat step 2 for the height of your blinds. For ‘exact’ blinds, it’s standard to measure about 2-4 inches below the bottom of the window to keep out sunlight and ensure privacy. These are your ‘exact drop’ measurements.
  5. Next, carefully select your blinds by browsing through our range of stunning designers. Note down the designer, the product name, the pattern number, and the quantity you desire. We have a variety of beautiful designer blinds, including venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds and vertical blinds.
  6. Lastly, send us an e-mail (to with your measurements and the information from step 5 and we’ll respond with a no obligation quote.

Order Your Custom Sized Designer Blinds Today

Don’t traipse around on your well earned day off for ready-made blinds this year only to find that they’re too wide, too long or short. Order your perfect made to measure blinds online today for a home that’s beautiful from top to bottom. Call us on 0800 612 3529 or email our team today at if you require more information or help.

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