How Do I Choose The Right Fabric

There’s simply nothing better than winding down after an exhausting day and gently sinking into the softest, plumpest, you-thought-they-were-only-for-royalty cushions and breathing a sigh of relief. It's time to cosy up with your loved ones and spoil yourself with the most luxurious fabrics, designed by passionate experts at the forefront of interior design. If not now, when?

How To Select Your Luxury Fabric

With so many fabrics to choose from at Fabrics & Wallpapers (including Egyptian cotton, lace, faux suede, leather, velvet and more), it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed and confused. Therefore, we’ve put together a useful little fabric guide to help you make the right choice.


Choosing the right colour and design of fabric can make or break a room. The key to an impressive and beautiful interior design is achieving a balance between complimenting colours and designs, so matching your fabrics with elements that already exist in a room would be a good place to start!

A room which is overrun with bold and eclectic patterns and colours may not make for the most relaxing space. Instead we’d advise choosing fabrics that match to create a space which flows. Neutral tones are fantastic as they compliment a range of bold and subtle colours as well as patterns. However, if bold, bright and eclectic is right up your street, then go for it! Everybody’s personal taste is different, which is what makes interior design so exciting!


Our designer fabrics are about more than just design however; they're made with some of the finest materials to ensure you get a peaceful night's sleep, feel beautifully fresh in the morning with fluffy fabrics, and much, much more. However, some fabrics will be naturally softer than others, so consider how important texture is to you when making your decision.

Good To Know: Some fabrics are more durable than others and can help keep out the cold. Many hotels use suede, velvet, tapestry, or tweed for their curtains since their weight helps block light and keep heat in.

Add A Little Relax To Your Day With The Softest Designer Fabrics

Whether you’re interested in choosing the right fabric for your curtains, bed linen, cushions or other soft furnishings, Fabrics & Wallpapers are here to help you every step of the way so that you’re completely happy with the final product.

There's no need to wait to find out what's in store for you. Simply browse through the collections by any of our featured designers and select the fabrics best suited to your lifestyle. Looking for more information? You can find design inspiration, ideas and advice by visiting our blog or by contacting us directly by calling 0800 612 3529 or e-mailing

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