A Buying Guide To Blinds And Poles

In this buying guide to blinds and poles, we inform you of a few of the tips and tricks you should know about when it comes to selecting your window accessories. We’ll also give you a rundown on some of our designers so that you can create a beautiful interior space with an abundance of new knowledge!

What You Need To Know About Blinds And Poles

Blinds and poles don’t sound like the most interesting topic, do they? Well, there’s more to blinds and poles than you may think. Without them, our homes and other properties would look and feel like empty abysses, without direct sunlight control or privacy. They can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of a room – whether that change causes it to look smaller, bigger, or simply more stylish, designer blinds and poles aren’t to be underestimated – especially those that have tempting discounted price tags!


  • Both decorative and minimal, curtain poles come in all shapes and sizes. They are available in a variety of diameters and with a large selection of curtain finials at the end of the pole. Normally made of either metal or wood, the material and colour of the curtain pole should blend with the decor of the room as well as the finial being appropriate to the period or style of the room.
  • If you'd like your windows to let in as much light as possible during the day, add 30 - 45cm extra length to each end of your curtain pole. This will allow you to pull your curtains back without covering any part of the window.


  • To create an illusion of extra space in a small room, consider vertical blinds - these will trick the eye and create an illusion of an elongated ceiling.
  • Lighter colours or designs will also make a small room appear larger – however, be wary of thin fabric for bedrooms, as this type of fabric as isn’t always the best choice for keeping out direct sunlight whilst you’re asleep!
  • Roller blinds are ideal for creating extra space, as they can be quickly rolled up to let in light without a fuss!
  • Venetian blinds are popular because they’re practical, stylish and come in a variety of materials to suit all interiors, and because they’re completely adjustable, you have complete control over how much light comes in.

Looking for more tips on how to select your designer poles and blinds? Pop onto our blog for more advice!

A Variety Of Poles And Blinds At Fabrics & Wallpapers

If you’re looking for designer blinds and poles, look no further than these designers: Innov8, Luxaflex, Resina Designs, Silent Gliss and Sunseeker. You’ll find a mix of contemporary, vintage inspired and innovative designs to suit any decor. What are you waiting for? Order online today, or if you’d like more information please phone 0800 612 3529, or e-mail sales@fabricsandwallpapers.co.uk.

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