What Is The Right Wallpaper For Me?

What Is The Right Wallpaper For Me?

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 10:16 Jul 17th, 2014

 When it comes to interior decorating there are a wealth of options. Wallpaper has been a very popular choice for centuries due to the ease it takes to put up as well as the amazing variation of patterns and designs. At Fabrics & Wallpapers, we have huge range of designer wallpapers at discount prices to suit any style.


What Designer Wallpaper Is Right For You?

Which designer wallpapers are right for you will depend entirely on your own unique style, your current interior decor choices and which room you plan to decorate it with. However, wallpapers tend to be versatile and look great in virtually every room of the home. Current trends include:

• Floral – Floral patterns have never really gone out of style but they have certainly seen a revival in recent years. Floral wallpaper is great for almost any room in the house. Shocking, bold colours matched with beautiful flowery patterns can turn a dull living room into a space that embraces the vividness of the natural world. On the other hand, more muted, darker colours can be used to give a hint of class to a bathroom. The beauty of floral designs lies in their versatility, so if you’re adventurous you can create some stunning colour combinations around your home.

• Vintage – Do you find yourself looking to the past for inspiration? Then we have an excellent collection of vintage inspired designer wallpapers from of the world’s foremost design houses. Vintage style papers are often inspired by classic patterns and colour combinations from the Victorian and Regency periods. Use them if you fancy adding a touch of opulence to your front room, kitchen, hallways or bedrooms.

• Geometric – Geometric patterns often speak volumes about the decorator. They say you’re not afraid of letting your presence be known, nor are you afraid of bold, vibrant colours. Geometric wallpapers can be used to create a more modern feel in a living room, or to give a bedroom some Sixties or Seventies styling. They often work best in bright shades, but try mixing in some more muted tones with your decor for a more subtle approach.

• Bold – Simple, loud or brash? You decide. Bold, single colour prints are very in this season. If you have a forceful personality, and want this reflected in your interior design choices, consider bold, bright single colour designer wallpaper. This is a great way to grab visitors’ attention in a front foyer or hallway. For subtle room dynamics why not paper three walls in a bright colour and finish the remaining wall in a more muted hue?

There are many more styles of wallpaper out there. Finding the right one for you is a simple matter of thinking about what you want to achieve with your decor, your own personality and your current decor choices.


Designer Wallpapers At Discount Prices From Fabrics & Wallpapers

At Fabrics & Wallpapers, we have a brilliant collection of designer wallpapers from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers at amazing prices. You’ll find collections from Anna French, Ralph Lauren, Jason D’Souza and much more. For more information, send us an email at sales@fabricsandwallpapers.co.uk or give us a call on 0800 612 3529.

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