Top 5 Vintage Style Designer Wallpapers

Top 5 Vintage Style Designer Wallpapers

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 10:17 Jun 19th, 2014

 In recent years, design trends have tended to look to the past for their inspiration. At Fabrics And Wallpapers, you will find a brilliant collection of vintage styled designer wallpaper at amazing prices. Here are some of our favourites from our range.

The Top 5 Vintage Style Designer Wallpapers

George Percival and James Baker founded GP+J Baker in 1884, since then they have produced some of the most stunningdesigner wallpapers that have been used in Royal residences, as well as houses all over the globe. They are a privately owned textile archive that is one of the largest in the world. Many of their and their associated brands, pieces are some of our favourites in our entire collection.

  1. David Hicks By Ashley Hicks - One of the collections that they produce in collaboration is David Hicks by Ashley Hicks. A British interior designer that many are calling one of the most ground-breaking and exciting designers of the late twentieth century. This designer uses colour and geometric designs to create some outstanding pieces. David Wicks by Ashley Wicks has a fantastic new collection of designer wallpaper that can be viewed on GP+J Baker’s website. The collection combines a strong graphic style and appealing colour schemes with a contemporary appeal.
  2. Variation - Another of GP+J’s amazing collections is ‘Variation’. The latest collection by Thread features some beautiful individual wallcoverings. The variation design ethos is all about minimalism and luxury. The collection combines a ‘mix of texture, craftmanship and modern weaving techniques’ taking inspiration from natural shapes and forms.
  3. Homes And Gardens - This designer wallpapers selection from GP+J has many different combinations that give the collection a unique style. Homes and Gardens blend vibrant, rich colours with clear lines to create a combination of warmth with the ‘vigour of city life’. This collection gives something for everyone so that you can produce your own unique style.
  4. Larkhill – One of our favourite GP+J themes is one of their Larkhill collection, which is centred entirely around the concept of minimalism. The Larkhill collection promotes ‘simply colour’ and features a variety of subtle colours, patterns and textures. This is ideal for the individual that wants a designer wallpaper that suits their minimilistic style.
  5. Baker Lifestyle – The final collection of designer wallpaper that is available from GP+J Baker is the Baker Lifestyle collection. This collection contains a range of prints, designs and colour schemes ranging from bright, bold colours to soft, subtle tones. The collection promotes freshness as its style, producing prints and colours that will open up and brighten the room with a suitably vintage twist.

These vintage inspired brands and designs available from GP+J Baker offers something for everyone due to the broad range of styles that their collections contain.

Vintage Inspired Designer Wallpaper At Fabrics And Wallpapers

Looking for vintage designs at great prices? Browse our full range at Fabrics and Wallpapers today. Once you’ve found the piece you’re looking for, simply contact us using our online enquiries and order form and we’ll send you a quote as soon as possible. For the best range in designer wallpapers and fabrics at discount prices, choose Fabrics And Wallpapers.

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