Tips For Choosing Wallpaper For Small Rooms

Tips For Choosing Wallpaper For Small Rooms

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 07:24 Mar 16th, 2015

If you are like most homeowners who aren’t quite sure where to begin when decorating a small space, this blog post is for you. Our experts at Fabrics & Wallpapers share some helpful tips to help you pick out the perfect luxury wallpaper to create the feeling of space in your small rooms! You may be thinking that adding patterned wallpaper to a small room is going to do the reverse of creating more space. However, that’s not necessarily true! If it’s done the right way it can inject new life into your small box room! Read on to find out how.

A Guide To Wallpapering Box Rooms

  • Use patterns that you love! It’s great to take inspiration from the latest trends and fashions, but that doesn’t mean you should end up with wallpaper that you’ll regret later. Make sure you decide on wallpaper that has a pattern that you love, and that’s going to make you want to spend time in the room. Doing this will mean your small room won’t feel overwhelmed with a pattern that you may not be able to stand for months on end!
  • Play around with scale. Try placing wallpapers with different size patterns around the space to see if they have any effect on the feeling of the small room. You can give this a go with wallpaper that has a tiny or a large pattern on it - either way we think you’ll be surprised at the great effects that wallpaper can give to a room.
  • Don’t be afraid of colour. Using colour is a great way to change the whole perspective of a room! Think about whether you want a space to be relaxing or more energetic, and choose a colour palette to match! A perfect way to achieve this is to use wild patterned and coloured luxury wallpaper in your small space.
  • Create texture with pattern. You can achieve a feeling of depth in a space by introducing pattern to the walls. Picking charming patterned luxury wallpaper may be all you need to transform your box room into a fabulous escape! Whether you decide on a design which is vibrant or more simplistic, you will create brilliant texture through patterned wallpaper!

Luxury Interior Products From Fabrics & Wallpapers

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