Interior Design Trends For Spring 2015

Interior Design Trends For Spring 2015

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 07:25 Mar 18th, 2015

Following the latest trend doesn’t only mean you have to spend a fortune on clothes! Popular colours and prints from the cat walk often influence the world of interior design. So, whether you want to keep your home up to date with latest trends for Spring 2015, or you’re just interested in some great interior design option, then make sure you keep reading.

4 Key Trends For Your Home This Spring

Natural – A hot trends for Spring 2015 is everything surrounding the beauty of nature. It’s comes from the idea of bringing the outdoors in to your house! Start with putting together bold and bright prints of botanical designs to inject a modern and exciting feeling to a space. Don’t just think about flowers; incorporate all areas of nature such as foliage or even insects. You’ll find some great illustrative prints of insects, which are perfect for getting the modern natural trend this spring!

Monochrome – A simplistic black and white interior is a perfect option to update a space for spring. The minimal colour pallet allows you to personalise the room, by incorporating certain touches that you prefer. This could be done by adding Eastern or tribal elements to a room with a combination of accessories, furniture and a collection of designer wallpapers! A great tip is to add colourful soft furnishing and warm lighting to the room, this way you’ll make sure you keep the room cosy and inviting.

Coastal – Mixing together a coastal style with a global traveller vibe, is going to be a top trend for Spring 2015. This look works with a whole variety of global themes; form oriental, urban and even the seaside! This style takes the much loved maritime interior design style and gives it a fresh feeling, which you can influence in anyway way you wish. You could incorporate leather and rope accessories with tarnished metal surfaces as well as thinking about adding designer wallpapers are key elements to get right for this hot spring trend.

Pinks and Pastels – For Spring 2015 your colour choices need to be bold. A loud pink is a great colour to pick to brighten your interior. Don’t focus too much on picking colours that match, colour clashing is a huge part of this trend. Putting pops of these colours into a space will update its feel instantly. Have fun with it, and spread out the colours to see what creates the perfect balance between bold and neutral space within the room.

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