How To Use Designer Wallpapers On Accent Walls

How To Use Designer Wallpapers On Accent Walls

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 10:18 May 20th, 2014

Accent walls are a thing of beauty – they put the finishing touches to a room as well as forming a great source of colour. When created using brilliant designer wallpapers, they become even more stylish!

For best results it’s important to know what effect you’re aiming for when creating your wall, and how to work it within your chosen room. Take a look at our top tips for creating an accent wall with designer wallpaper.

How Can I Use Designer Wallpapers To Create An Effective Accent Wall?

First, let’s look at why you might want an accent wall in your room. If you already know, read on and you’ll find useful tips. If not, this’ll make a good starting point!

1.    To define a separate area in a larger space – This is good for open-plan homes. Use wallpaper to define areas and split rooms. For example, a seating area in an open kitchen could be set against graphic print designer wallpaper, whilst the remaining space could be painted in a complimentary colour.

2.    Create a focal point in a room – Every room in a home should have a focal point, something that draws the viewer’s eye when looking in. Find your room’s focal point or create one, using bold wallpaper. For a cohesive and well thought out look, match soft furnishings and accessories with colours from the wallpaper.

3.    Pull the viewer’s eye through the room – Using a colours from your chosen wallpaper your can draw the viewers attention through your room. Create a stylish and cohesive look straight out of Elle Home with delicate floral prints and antique horizontal stripes.

4.    Change the room’s visual proportions – We know that having mirrors in a room, or not, can make it look bigger or smaller, but this can also be done with accent walls. Use intense, warm colours to bring things forward and shorten the room – best for large spaces – and use softer, cooler colours to expand smaller spaces. Long, narrow rooms benefit most from shortening.

5.    Provide a background for furniture – Do this for rooms with limited furnishings e.g. the bedroom. A simple or bold backdrop can set the scene for your furniture, as well as create a theme and mood for the room. Once again, watch the colours and main focal point.

Which Brand Of Designer Wallpapers Should Be Used?

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