Designer Wallpapers for your feature wall

Designer Wallpapers for your feature wall

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 14:43 May 14th, 2014

A feature wall is one wall in a room that stands apart from the others. This is usually achieved by using a bright or bold colour/ pattern that contrasts with the rest of the room. Having a feature wall is a fabulous and quick way to add some chic designer style into any room (such as bedrooms and living rooms) without it taking too much time, and best of all you can do it yourself!

At we believe that designer wallpapers are the best way to achieve a stunning feature wall that looks stylish, modern and will freshen up any living space. We have a wonderful selection of the latestdesigner wallpapers for you to choose from at fantastic prices.

How Do You Create A Feature Wall?

A feature wall can have a fantastic impact on a room and really bring a dull, dated space back to life without the need to change much else.Easy Living magazine says “All you need is one fabulous feature wall to really make a room stand out. Whether you want to make a statement, or simply have a small space [a feature wall] will impress without overwhelming” the room.

When creating your feature wall consider:

  • The Focal Point ­– it is important to pinpoint the best place for your feature wall,this is usually the largest wall space or an interesting feature like the chimney breast. The feature wall wants to be the main focus of the room so it needs to be somewhere open where it will capture the eye immediately.
  • Is The Wall Space Clear? – When using designer wallpaper it is unlikely you will need anything else;anything like cupboards, radiators, windows, shelving and wall art such as paintings and photographs will need to be cleared otherwise you risk creating a cluttered look which will be more ‘chaos’ than chic.
  • What Is In The Room? – Cupboards and shelves may not compliment your feature wall but anything like a sofa or a dining table or fireplace can really add some extra ‘wow’ factor to your wall. You could try contrasting the wall from the furnishings or enhancing the colours with similar shading or pattern.
  • Style – Ultimately, the choice of the designer wallpaper will determine whether you create a stunning feature wall or anunsightly one! It is important to choose something that suits your own personal tastes but always consider the pattern and colour choice to ensure it is complimenting the room and not having any negative effects such as making the room appear darker or smaller.

What Designer Wallpapers Do We Have For Your Feature Wall?

With so many designer wallpapers out there to choose from there is a feature wall that will suit your taste. Our collection has everything from feminine florals to contemporary minimalists, traditional patterns to bold colours and so much more.

Our range of designer wallpapers include:

  • HarlequinCollection –New Designers award 2013 has been a huge success, with the best young designers competing, offering beautiful floral designs that are both glamorous and timeless with their gentle feminine style. If you are looking for striking patterns with stunning colours then you will find everything you are looking for here.
  • Romo Collection – With a flagship showroom in London’s Chelsea Harbour, offers you sophisticated, contemporary designs that can be used anywhere in the home. Find luxurious deep purples and warm tones of greens, caramels, pearls and heather to bring beauty inspired by nature into your home.
  • Nono Collection – Find fab, fun and bold wallpapers with Nono! Their patterns include vibrant vertical stripes, retro chic and cool contemporary patterns all available in the latest colour and style trends.

We are proud of all of our designer wallpapers at so visit our website to see our full range of designers today!

If you have any enquiries or would like any more information about our designer wallpapers then please call us on 0800 612 3529 or email:


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