Designer Fabrics to Brighten your Home this Summer

Designer Fabrics to Brighten your Home this Summer

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 10:20 May 16th, 2014

 Brightening up your home doesn’t always mean a complete decorative overhaul. With the careful application of some stylish designer fabrics, you give your home a brand new, fresh feeling. Here are some ideas for how to use designer fabrics this summer.

This Summer’s Design Trends

This summer’s trends offer up a wealth of ways to use designer fabrics in your interior design to spruce up your home.

• Bright Colours and Patterns – Bright colours are back in this season. Striking yellows, hot pinks and blazing blues are all being used to create bold and adventurous spaces in houses up and down the UK in 2014. Why not combine some striking colours with eye-catching geometric shapes when selecting your designer fabric? This will create a theme guaranteed to grab guest’s attention.

• Colour Flow – Coupled with the bold colours, there is a new trend growing which is based around colours flowing seamlessly into new hues to create a changing varied mood in rooms. Consider mixing hues to create a room with a fluid personality.

• Nature Themed – Floral patterns have always been a popular starting point for picking which designer fabric to choose. Designs currently in this summer include birds of paradise and other tropical elements, such as large leafy patterns and earthy colours, to create spaces that are designed to bring the natural world indoors.

• Exotic Escapes – Taking this summer’s trend for bright colours and bold shapes, more and more exotic and foreign styled patterns are becoming popular in Britain’s homes. Create an exotic vibe in your home by looking at Spanish, African and Mexican patterns for inspiration.

What Designer Fabrics Are Available?

At Fabrics & Wallpapers, we offer a stunning range of fabrics from some of the world’s foremost manufacturer’s, so you can be assured that you’ll find a designer fabric perfectly suited to your design needs. Here are a selection of our favourite designers:

• Anna French – Anna French has been wowing consumers with her combination of bold geometric patterns and floral designs since the 1960s. French is particularly known for her lace collection which features elements such as intricate patterns like birds and flowers.

• Designers Guild – Since the 1970s, the Designers Guild has been producing a wide variety of fabrics in a number of bold colours. Particular standouts include their use of luscious greens and cool blues for their numerous collections.

• Blendworth – Blendworth has over eighty years of experience in the designer fabric world. Blendworth uses this experience to create designs based on traditional English style but with a contemporary twist for an exciting blend of old and new.

• Nina Campbell – A name synonymous with luxury and very well established brand, their designer wallpapers and fabrics are ideal whether you have a home in the country or a house in the centre of town.

We are proud of all of our designer fabrics, so browse through our website to see our full range of designers today! If you have any enquiries or would like any more information about our designer fabrics then please call us on 0800 612 3529 or email:

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