Decorating Your Interiors For The Winter

Decorating Your Interiors For The Winter

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 10:15 Sep 23rd, 2014

 Winter is just around the corner, so Fabrics & Wallpapers are here to guide you through those chillier months with some cosy and luxurious design ideas for your home – all achievable with the collection of designer discount fabrics. Think ultra-plush sofas to sink into, slippery and smooth silks, and warm hues to welcome you in from the blustery winter weather.

Create Your Own Cosy Boudoir Without Paying Designer Costs

Fabrics & Wallpapers have a multitude of decor options and home ware to make you feel super snug this winter – you simply won’t be able to wait to get home! We’ve come up with some clever tips and ideas to help steer you in the right direction when giving your home a makeover.

Choose the colour of your soft furnishings: When we think of creating warmth, fire born colours come to mind – reds, oranges and yellows. But the key to making any room feel homely and relaxing is to not overdo it with these colours. So instead of lavishing your walls with bold red paint, consider only adding elements of red with subtle patterned fabrics dotted around the room. Contrast these with cooler and more neutral furnishings and you’re halfway there. Why not try Ashfield Floral Winter Berry linen from the Designers Guild or other wintery discount fabrics for your curtains to bring a touch of winter’s wonderful nature inside.

Home ware – Soft and luxurious throws and rugs are a must for any sofa, bed and floor. Choose from creamy ivories, wild greens, cool blues, and many, many more beautiful and hand-picked colours. Dot your living room or bedroom with deep crimson pillows and super-soft prima bath towels in the bathroom, and really feel as though you’re walking through a dream. Browse through our accessories to bring extra warmth and class to your abode. One whiff of a Designers Guild winter cashmere candle will send you into seventh heaven, with calming fragrances of chamomile, thyme and divine vanilla – and with its neutral appearance it will compliment any décor too.

Last but not least, put on the twinkling bells of an otherworldly temple, put your feet up on your new lush sofa, and unwind. With Fabrics & Wallpapers you can do all this inexpensively with designer discount fabrics and products only a phone call away.

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Choose from designers such as Christian Lacroix, William Yeoward, Ralph Lauren and many more. Find your perfect prints, weaves, silks and accessories to compliment any home and create the perfect home to relax and snuggle up in. Browse online and contact us by e-mail at for any help when choosing your items or placing an order.

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