5 Beautifully Inspired Designer Wallpapers

5 Beautifully Inspired Designer Wallpapers

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 10:18 May 20th, 2014

Every home should feel fresh and comfortable, reflecting your personality and interests. What better way to achieve this than by decking it out with the finest designer wallpaper. Below, we’ve outlined the current top-five wallpaper styles for your home and explained the best way to accomplish each, along with the top designer collection that best reflects it!

Top 5 Designer Wallpaper Trends For 2014

1.    Archive Prints – Historic patterns like these never become unfashionable, no matter how old your home is. Prints can range all the way from the 1930’s to the Victorian era. Match the room scale to the print (e.g. small to small) for the best effect, and try echoing the design or period in the furniture you choose. For traditional, vintage-style patterns, we recommend GP & J Baker.

2.    Geometrics – Keep the scale in mind when selecting a print so that it doesn’t overwhelm the room or get lost in it. Bring back the 60’s with green, brown and orange; or choose contemporary pastels. Prestigious feature some stunning geometric wall coverings in their Urban collection.

3.    Orientals – These tasteful, Eastern-style prints can have both masculine and feminine feelings depending on featured colours. To incorporate masculinity, choose dark blue, red, black and neutral ones. Team it up with French-style furnishings (which work surprisingly well) and add some oriental accessories to tie the room together. Speaking of the French, Casadeco’s Heaven collection has some brilliant oriental style floral prints which would look great in a bedroom or living room.

4.    Bold Florals – Not just for country homes, big and bold floral prints can work in any size space when complimented with neutral coloured walls and subtle home accessories. Paper an accent wall or the space behind open-shelves for a flowery burst of colour. Match with simple cream or white furniture for a stylish look. Designer Anna French produces a wonderful ‘Wild Flora’ collection bursting with colourful prints for any home.

5.    Metallics – Precious metal-coloured designer wallpaper is the print of sophistication! It instantly adds interest to any big room, and also compliments smaller ones when used sparingly. As the wallpapers are reflective, they are brilliant for rooms that receive very little natural light, especially with a well-placed table lamp in the corner. Choose a print with a pale background and subtly metallic motif for the best effect; such as Lewis & Wood’s Jasper Peony Metallic and Rococo Metallic.

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