Top Picks From The Paris Design Fairs

Top Picks From The Paris Design Fairs

Posted in Designer fabrics by Esther on 08:16 Mar 13th, 2015

Design fairs are the place to go to see the most influential and inspiring designs of the moment. Fairs just like this week’s 2015 Paris Deco Off, which showcased some beautiful designs which didn’t disappoint! If you are looking for some exciting influences to bring to your home interior then make sure you continue to read this post!

Top Themes From Paris Design Fairs

  • Country Silks – A collection of beautiful silks were displayed at the Paris Deco Off 2015 trade show. With vibrant colours of emerald and saffron, the luxury fabrics shown at the fair really stood out from the rest! A perfect way to introduce strong colours to your home without the high prices of silk, is to find fabrics in similar beautiful and striking colours. At Fabrics & Wallpapers we can offer some amazing luxury fabrics with matching vivid tones from our Brian Yates collection!
  • Block Printed Papers – A top pick from the Paris design fairs has to be the display of sensational block printed and hand painted wallpapers. It presented some delicately illustrated designs using almost no colour pallet apart from various shades of grey. The simplistic character of these wallpapers translates perfectly into the starting blocks of a contemporary interior space. At Fabrics & Wallpapers we have some wonderful wallpaper options to help to achieve a modern and simplistic look for your home. Our Andrew Martin collection displays some lively illustrative designs which are great for introducing a detailed statement to any room.
  • Indigenous – The design show also revealed some stunning Australian inspired fabric designs. These aboriginal influences came across in a mixture of printed patterns and bright warm colours. With modern geometric forms a heavy feature of the style, these luxury fabrics could be easily translated to work within an interior setting. Take a look at our Brunschwig & Fils collection here at Fabrics & Wallpapers for luxury fabrics with a similar feel.
  • Tropical Fabrics – The white backgrounds under bright illustrative scenes make the tropical inspired fabrics found at the Paris design fairs a sure top pick! It reveals a natural design with vibrant and exotic energy. Our Cole & Son collection presents some great wallpaper options for you to re create this colourful trend! Use these wonderful tropical fabrics as inspiration to create a more decorative feature within your home.

Fantastic Designs From Fabrics And Wallpapers

At Fabrics & Wallpapers we deliver the highest quality of luxury fabrics and wallpapers for you. With years in the interior design business, we have established a great knowledge of the industry and what a customer wants! Take a look at our stunning range of designer fabrics and wallpapers. We are sure you’ll find a perfect design for you!

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