Re-design Your Home With Anna French Designer Wallpaper

Re-design Your Home With Anna French Designer Wallpaper

Posted in Designer fabrics by Esther on 10:19 May 16th, 2014

 For a house that’s feeling drab, there’s is no better way to it spruce up than with some fantastic designer wallpaper. Perfect for creating a feature wall or for us around a fireplace, wallpaper is a great way to an instant colour and style.

What Is The Anna French Designer Wallpaper Collection?

Anna French began designing with bold, geometric shapes, in the 1960’s, whilst at art school. Since then, Anna has moved on to create gorgeous wallpapers and fabrics in a wide range of colours and prints, taking inspiration from flora and fauna. Whilst her style may be evolving, her designs never lose their bold and dramatic use of colour.

Anna French Fabrics and Wallpapers?

1. Lyric Collection – This collection of designer wallpapers is characterised by soft, muted pastel shades in beautiful patterns. Inspired by Anna’s love of the opera, these classical print wallpapers would match beautifully with almost any decor. Featuring twelve different patterns in a number of colourways, choose from classic stripes, floral prints and geometric styles.  This designer wallpaper collection creates an image of the Palace of Versailles around you, with rich, opulent shades toned down to chic, understated glamour.

2. Zola Collection – In vibrant shades and fabulous patterns, this Anna French collection is inspired by forest walks and Anna’s favourite escapes. Zola, the namesake of the collection, features criss-crossing branches across a deeply coloured backdrop. Stunning in blue and gold, this subtly reflective designer wallpaper would be perfect for the dining room or bedroom.  Also in the collection are a fantastic range of 9 other prints including large floral prints and intricate ethnic designs.

3. Wild Flora – Anna French at her best, this masterpiece collection combines bold designs and strong colours with a modern twist.  Featuring fantastic foils and nonwoven papers, this collection brings together classical floral prints with contemporary colourways and materials.

4. Glamour – Much more minimalist than her usual designer wallpaper collections, Glamour features strong designs with bright colours and finishes. A contemporary collection, this collection features bold, expertly worked colour schemes ranging from soft blues to vibrant reds. Prominent designs include metallic foil, flock and mica grounds.

Why Order Anna French Designer Wallpapers Online Today?

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