Finally We Can Shed Some Colourful Light On Interior Design

Finally We Can Shed Some Colourful Light On Interior Design

Posted in Designer fabrics by Esther on 08:48 Nov 21st, 2014

Enough with the same old 'choose pink for femininity', 'red discount fabrics for Christmas', 'green wallpaper for a fresh look' repetitive, mind-numbing interior design advice. We've gathered our research, put our heads together, and found that a colourful interior is much more functional and fascinating than that. Read on for some mind-blowing discoveries!

Lose Weight, Relax, Wake Up, And Discover Colourful Discount Fabrics

Colours have surprising effects on the brain, and with careful consideration they really can boost your mood and your health. First up:

  • The Bedroom: It's well known now that a blue room is perfect for getting a decent night's kip. 'Blue is thought to slow the heart rate and even reduce blood pressure', and so those that have a blue room will feel relaxed and wake up after a blissful sleep well rested and positive. Yellow and green rooms are also winners, whilst brown and grey are considered depressing and dull. But what if you're not in the mood for sleeping tonight? 'Purple rooms stimulate the brain' – this is both good and bad in the bedroom, since it can make it difficult to nod off, but research has 'found that people with a purple colour scheme in their boudoir have the most sex'. To have the best of both worlds, why not go blue but purchase some sexy purple discount fabric cushions and throws that can be put away easily?
  • The Kitchen: Struggle trying to maintain a healthy diet? 'Blue is an appetite suppressant' says Kenneth Fehrman, because 'we have deep-seated instincts to avoid blue foods, or anything linked to them, as they tend to be poisonous.' Because of this, blue wallpaper in the kitchen is a great idea. 'One study found that diners who eat in a blue room, compared to red or yellow, eat a third less calories.' Why didn't they tell us before?!
  • The Living Room: Pink discount fabrics are ideal in places where arguments can arise between couples or family members, such as in the living room or dining area. This is because studies have found that pink 'has a calming effect on the body – and reduces muscle strength'. It 'dampens down anger and anxiety' and is even used in many US prison cells to calm inmates. If you're a business that deals with clients, consider pink hues in the room where you meet with clients. Pink is a persuasive colour and because of its calming effects it can lead to great results!
  • The Office: Yellow has been said to release the feel good brain chemical serotonin, and it's also known to boost concentration, so it's great for creating the perfect office atmosphere! Because 'yellow makes you think of the sun and of summertime' we feel happier because the sun often makes us happy! White can also have a calming effect, since it 'implies honesty and purity' and 'in one test, people with hand tremors were found to shake less in white rooms'.

So there you have it. You can sleep easy; have less arguments, a better diet and increased productivity in your office. We're impressed! For more tips and advice on how to decorate your home or office, have a read through our blog posts and browse through our designers for inspiration. You'll find many photographs of beautifully finished rooms to help you with your own ideas!

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