A Look At Textiles: An Easy Guide To Fabric Types

A Look At Textiles: An Easy Guide To Fabric Types

Posted in Designer fabrics by Esther on 07:24 Dec 10th, 2014

With so many varieties of fabrics in the world, from natural fibres to man-made, knowing which one to go for can be confusing. We've put together this simple guide you can follow to choose the right one for you! Little luxuries needn't cost the earth – you can find many discount fabrics made by leading designers on our website with which to transform your interiors.

An Introduction To Some Fabric Types Around The World

Cotton – Cosy, skin-friendly and versatile. As a fabric that keeps us snug in winter and cool in summer, natural cotton is a fluffy, breathable fabric that is ideal for clothing and bedding. Native to tropical lands around the world, such as Africa and India, cotton has been utilised for thousands of years – and for good reason!

Silk – Smooth, cool to the touch and simply beautiful, it may look delicate, but natural silk is one of the strongest known fabrics in the world. Discovered in China over 4 thousand years ago, you'll often find this luxurious fabric shimmering down the aisle and adorning beautifully dressed homes. It can lend your home that extra touch of opulence that's normally reserved for the world's most prestigious buildings.

Linen – Perhaps most notoriously used in home furnishings, pure linen is fresh, durable and easily maintained. Sometimes used as currency in ancient Egypt, this luxury natural fibre is used by interior designers to create divine bedding, curtains, tablecloths and other furnishing items, though it's also a fabric which is widely used in a range of garments.

Wool – Spun from the fibrous coat of an animal, creating yarn, wool is an elastic, warm and strong staple fabric used in home furnishing items, such as rugs, and it is also used to create cosy garments and blankets too. Unlike wool, lustrous mohair fabric and snugly cashmere is produced by different types of goat, instead of sheep. Wool can lend your home a more rustic feeling and could be put to excellent effect in a country or period property.

Velvet – Incredibly smooth and rich in colour, velvet has proudly laid in stately homes for centuries, and it is now widely used in furniture, clothes, upholstery, drapes and even wall coverings. It is man-made from a mixture of synthetic or natural fibres. Give your home a taste of the luxurious with this material.

These are just a selection of a vast array of types of fabrics found around the globe. Taffeta, satin, chiffon, polyester, denim and leather are just several more. You will find many such materials in our collection of discount fabrics. Each has its own unique properties, and we'll be happy to advise you so you can be sure you've made the best decision.

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