What Are The Different Kinds Of Blinds?

Blinds offer both practical and aesthetic qualities for any room in the home, office or elsewhere. They are inexpensive and come in a myriad of colours and styles. Here at Fabrics and Wallpapers we have a wide variety of styles for you to choose from, and regardless of your taste and the size of your windows, glass doors or other, we're confident we have the blinds that are ideal for your interior spaces!

What Are The Different Varieties Of Blinds

  1. Venetian Blinds: These elegant and practical blinds are constructed from adjustable horizontal slats and have been used since the 1700's. Perhaps the most common variety of blind, they're ideal for all rooms as they're incredibly durable, versatile and stylish. Easy to use by all (including children), they're controlled by a cord and come in a variety of materials such as wood, aluminium and more.
  2. Roller Blinds: Made from luxurious rich designer fabric at Fabrics and Wallpapers, such as linen, these blinds offer an understated elegant look to all rooms. Drawn upwards around a roller by pulling or twisting a cord, they can be rolled up fully to create a bright space, rolled down at night for privacy, or rolled up some of the way to create the perfect light/dark balance. Incredibly easy to clean and space saving, they're an excellent choice for all rooms.
  3. Roman Blinds: Similar to roller blinds in that they are also made from fabric and drawn up via a cord, a roman blind differs from a roller blind in that the mechanism makes the material fold rather than roll upwards to let in sunlight.
  4. Vertical Blinds: Usually made from fabric, these blinds are similar to venetian blinds as the slats can be adjusted to suit the user, but instead of horizontal slats they're vertical. Incredibly popular in homes and commercial properties, they're easy to control and come in a wide variety of lengths and designs for all types of interiors.

Our designer blinds come in a range of fine materials to perfectly create the right ambiance in your interior space. We have wood and faux wood blinds (including oak, beech and walnut), strong and versatile bamboo blinds, durable vinyl, plastic and aluminium blinds, and an extensive range of luxurious fabric blinds too!

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We are proud to bring you a varied collection of designer blinds and poles at discounted prices, so finding discount designer blinds to match your existing interior design is easy! Simply select your ideal blind from our designer collections, measure your windows and let us know the details of your order for a superb discounted price. E-mail sales@fabricsandwallpapers.co.uk or call 0800 612 3529 for any more information or advice.

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