How do I Choose the Right Wallpaper?

Selecting the perfect wallpaper can be one of the trickiest decisions to make when decorating your home, since the style and colour you choose will have a great impact on the overall look of any space. Unlike home furnishings and accessorises, wallpaper isn’t as easily removed and updated, so it’s wise to take the time to carefully choose the right luxury designer wallpaper. But where to start? Below you’ll find a helpful little guide to selecting wallpaper that is spot on.

How To Choose The Right Luxury Designer Wallpaper

  • Colour of Wallpaper – Colour is a big deal. Everybody prefers some colours over others, and when trying to create a room that you’re going to enjoy being in, the last thing you want is a colour that is going to dull your mood.

    List down any general colours that you believe you would be happy with, taking care to opt for colours that will suit any furniture pieces or other items that you wish to keep. Remember cool tones will open up a space, whilst warmer tones will generally make a room feel snug. Create a coherent decor by letting your wallpaper flow through the room by pulling out a colour from it and selecting bed linen and accessories to match.
  • Style – Consider the mood you want to create within the room. Are you drawn to contemporary or traditional decors? Does the room need to be formal or can it be as fun and relaxed as you like? If formality isn’t an issue, then a floral, bold or geometric print from one of our progressive designers (such as Nono) will make for a beautifully modern space.
  • Remember that small-scale patterns open up any space, whilst large patterns make rooms cosy. If the room you’re decorating feels a little unwelcoming and cold, a large-scale print is something to consider. Vertical stripped prints also give the illusion of height in rooms with low ceilings. If you’re hesitant to try something bold on all four (or more) walls, why not try a statement feature wall and tone it down with subtle complimentary colours on the other walls?
  • As a final note, take a good look at the room you want to decorate. Any period features you want to accent? How about statement furniture pieces you love that may clash with certain wallpaper prints? Note down anything that may impact your chosen wall coverings. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to whittle your selection down until you’re left with your ideal wallpaper.

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