Designer Wallpapers From The Worlds Most Popular Designers

Designer Wallpapers From The Worlds Most Popular Designers

Posted in Designer wallpapers by Esther on 10:14 Oct 7th, 2014

 Choose from a vast range of beautiful and quality cheap designer wallpaper from Fabrics & Wallpapers. Below we talk about our exquisite designers and what they have to offer.

Cheap Designer Wallpaper From Fabrics & Wallpapers: A Look At Our Designers

GP & J Baker are amongst the older design houses we stock at Fabrics & Wallpaper – but that doesn’t mean they are slaves to the past. Rather, they build upon their impeccable history to create designer wallpaper collections bursting with character.

Each of GP & J Baker’s collections is bursting with colour and vitality. Featuring a combination of geometric shapes, traditional floral patterns and more modern inspired pieces, the company creates wallpapers that would be ideal for any room in your home. For a more striking feel for your interiors, consider their Hicksonian wallpaper, or, if you want to keep things a little on the traditional side consider their Turkish Flower or Malatesta styles.

GP & J Baker has been used in Royal residences for a number of years. So if you are looking for that extra touch of regal glamour to your home, get in touch today to order this brand of cheap designer wallpaper.

Casadeco’s designs differ from many other design houses with the styles and patterns in their uniquely continental take on fabrics and wall papers. They have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that we find alluring. Casadeco began as a specialist wallpaper firm, but in 2008 they decided to bring their designer expertise together and use it to form modern and avant-garde fabrics too.

They bring unique and fresh bold print designs to the table, and their ‘Exception’ collection is certainly exceptional. Give any room some character and elegance with their metallic wallpaper or choose from their various collections such as their ‘Harmony’ and ‘Infinity’ collections.

The James Brindley brand began life as a fashion fabric business in 1936. Today, it celebrates over 75 years of defining the interiors market, with two large stores in Harrogate and Wetherby. In those 75 years, it’s grown from a small dressmaking pattern and fabric shop in Wetherby in the 60’s, to an influential designer brand specializing in graceful and deluxe wallpaper too.

Designers Guild – Established in 1970, Designers Guild is one of the foremost international home and lifestyle companies designing and man­ufacturing furnishing fabrics, wall coverings, and other home accessories. With a flagship store in London, Paris and Munich, Designers Guild products are well sought after and it’s easy to see why! Their inspiration comes from around the world, including remote and luxurious Indian palaces, to our closer to home romantic Italian palazzos.

We stock many more designers here at Fabrics & Wallpaper at exclusive prices, including Jason D’Souza, K&K Designs International Ltd, and KAI, so for your cheap designer wallpaper browse through all of our designers today to find those ideal pieces to make your interior really designer!

Contact Fabrics And Wallpapers Today For Advice On Cheap Designer Wallpaper

If you need more advice, design tips or want to order any of the varieties of cheap designer wallpaper we can offer, please e-mail us at We also offer a complete interior design service to make the most of your living space or office interiors. Contact us to learn more.

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