Beautiful Luxury Fabric Bedding From Fabrics & Wallpapers

Beautiful Luxury Fabric Bedding From Fabrics & Wallpapers

Posted in Designer fabrics by Esther on 08:16 Jan 23rd, 2015

Choosing the right bedding comes down in the end to style, comfort and durability. After all, who needs scratchy, shoddy bedding that lasts till next week? Not us - and certainly not you! Bedding is about more than just softness and style however, it's about sleep. Getting into a bed that's covered with luxury fabrics in soft mood-enhancing colours and snuggling down to prep for the day ahead is vital to your wellbeing and happiness. Here are a few tips to select bedding that is perfectly suited to you!

Choosing Bedding For A Good Night's Rest

It's worth starting everyday on a good note with designer bedding that will feel wonderfully soft and luxurious after countless washes and sleeps, but designer bedding needn't cost the earth either. Here at Fabrics & Wallpapers we have a range of quality bedding at super low prices!

  • Thread A Little Love – Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. The more threads, the better the quality. Go for luxury fabrics with a high thread count. Low thread counts won't last as long and their softness will wane. From around 80 for low quality fabrics to 400 for wonderfully soft fabrics (Egyptian cotton is around the 400 mark), bedding that has a thread count of 300 and up are the ones to choose.
  • Style – Bedding design can make a huge difference to your bedroom décor and the mood of a room, so go for colours and designs that won't clash. From pretty florals to create a country interior design, unique geometrics for a contemporary look and many more unique designs to compliment any decor. There's nothing wrong with opting for neutral colours that will match any décor either. Why not choose bedding that is textured to make neutral tones feel more special? Add some gorgeous throws and plush designer pillows to add a pop of colour and extra sumptuousness.

The range of available luxury fabrics here at Fabrics & Wallpapers may just send you to sleep - not because they're boring, but because it's simply too irresistible not to have a quiet little doze. Tossing and turning throughout the night because of uncomfortable bedding is simply not an option with Fabrics & Wallpapers designer collections.

Contact Fabrics & Wallpapers

You'll find an array of beautiful and quality bedding here at Fabrics & Wallpapers, all designed by experts at low prices. Don't settle for anything less than luxury. Browse our designer luxury fabrics today and sleep easy this winter. For more information use our enquiry form here or call 0800 612 3529 direct today.

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