A Glimpse Into Beacon Hills Designer Fabric Collections

A Glimpse Into Beacon Hills Designer Fabric Collections

Posted in Designer fabrics by Esther on 07:18 Dec 12th, 2014

As one of our featured designers, we thought we'd discuss Beacon Hill's designer fabric collections. Part of The Robert Allen Group, they've long been the source for the world's finest fabrics – over 70 years in fact. That's why we're proud to sell you their fabrics at discounted prices! Read on for more details about their unique collections.

Designer Fabric Collections By Beacon Hill

"Inspired by all things intriguing and relevant, whether art, history, nature or architecture, our designs are always fresh, original, stylish and inventive."- Beacon Hill Designs

Midnight Garden The patterns in this breathtaking flora and fauna collection by Beacon Hill draws inspiration from romantic naturalism, a belief that nature itself is a work of art. Sensual, elegant and complete with natures soaring birds and exotic flowers, Midnight Garden will take you on a wild and wondrous hike through its enthralling forests, from 100% Linen designer fabric ‘Enchanted Vine', to ‘Moon Blossom Orchid' and ‘Hidden Temple Emerald', if you want to transform your home decor from dull to lively, then the Midnight Garden collection is the one to explore.

Ankasa Legacy Designers Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia found inspiration for collection Ankasa Legacy in India's magnificent marketplaces. As you wonder through this exceptional collection, you're instantly hit by the vibrant intensity of the colours and equally varied designs. It's easy to see how the rich culture and spices of India has translated into these fabrics, from the design ‘Mela Stripe' with its fluid, vivacious pattern, to the geometric festive design ‘Shamiana' - the collection ‘Ankasa Legacy' is truly a myriad of small but poignant legacies.

Ankasa Iconic – Featuring strong earthy tones and bold patterns throughout that wouldn't look a miss any minimalist city apartment, the Ankasa Iconic collection captures the enchanting and original design that Beacon Hill is notoriously known for. In collaboration with Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia, founders of Ankasa, the collection's statement patterns ‘Crown Scroll', ‘Medina' and ‘Crosby' are intricate and powerful.

Floating World and Silk Jacquard & Embroideries – With inspiration taken from the late 19th-century French artistic movement that encompassed both Japonisme and Chinoiserie, the colours featured in these collections will lift any decor out of the darkness. With enlarged patterns in inviting greens, striking oranges, intense scarlet and more, this silky fabric collection belongs in the homes of aspiring designers and the like.

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We're proud that Beacon Hill are one of our featured designers. If you love their collections as much as we do, then simply browse their designs and we'll offer you an exclusive discounted price! For more information about how it all works, or for any more enquiries, please contact our professional team on 0800 612 3529 or use our enquiry form here.

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